Cost & reimbursement of treatment

What is the cost of osteopathy treatment and can I expect to be reimbursed by my health insurance?

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The billing is based on the scale of fees for alternative practitioners (GEBÜH). This does not include lump sums. Therefore the costs of each individual treatment are different. This depends on the individual treatment and your health insurance. Especially because you take an hour’s time, some points can be discussed in more detail. Due to the extensive anamnesis, findings and treatment, you should expect costs of about 90 Euros.

Cost reimbursement

These costs are subsidised by many statutory and a large part of private health insurance companies. Please inform yourself in advance with your health insurance company. I meet the criteria for (proportional) reimbursement of costs with the statutory health insurance companies through my training. This is proven to the insurance company by my membership in the association.

The costs of osteopathic treatment are due immediately. You can pay me by EC card or cash. Of course you will receive an invoice. You can submit this to the health insurance company for reimbursement.

cancellation fees:

Appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full. The same applies to appointments that are not taken.

Reimbursement with public health insurances:

Many public health insurance companies subsidize osteopathy. Here you will find an overview of all public health insurances (information without guarantee). If your health insurance company supports osteopathy, you will need a “Recommendation for Osteopathy”. This will be issued by your doctor (family doctor, orthopaedist, gynaecologist, orthodontist, etc.). This recommendation represents a private prescription. The number of subsidized treatments depends on your health insurance company. The number of appointments mentioned in the private prescription has no influence on the reimbursement by your health insurance company. For example, if you receive a prescription for 8 treatments, your insurance company may only reimburse 3 of these treatments. Please check with your health insurance company before the treatment.

Reimbursement for private health insurance:

The billing is based on the scale of charges for alternative practitioners. Private insurance companies and aid agencies usually cover a large part of the costs for treatments. Your contract must not exclude or restrict the services of alternative practitioners. Please enquire with your insurance company before treatment.