Osteopathie in Essen

Osteopathy in Essen Holsterhausen

Der Behandlungsraum – Osteopathy in Essen; gives your treatment the appropriate space. Osteopathy for children, infants and adults.

I am pleased that you are interested in my practice. It is located in Essen-Holsterhausen on the 1st floor. Here you can get a first impression of me and my work. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

I am happy to make my expertise available to you in treatment, thanks to my numerous further training courses and my many years of professional experience.

I have specialized in the treatment of orthopedic diseases, pregnant women, babies and children.

For an osteopathic treatment I take about 45-60 minutes of my time.

You will find information about osteopathy, the procedure and costs of a treatment and how to make an appointment via the menu.

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Here you can learn more about my background.

What is osteopathy?

140 years ago the American physician Dr. Andrew Taylor Still recognized and named the principles of osteopathy. Since that time osteopathy has developed continuously, in the USA, as well as in Europe and other parts of the world.

Osteopathy is an independent form of medicine that serves to recognize and treat functional disorders. Osteopathic treatment is performed exclusively with the hands. The patient is seen in his or her entirety – on the one hand, in the unity of body, mind and soul and on the other hand, in his or her physical unity on all levels.

A dysfunction is detected by the therapist’s specially trained sense of touch. The treatment is then carried out using certain osteopathic techniques. By improving the mobility of the corresponding structure, the patient should bring himself back into balance.

However, osteopathy is not limited to the treatment of individual symptoms, but always sees the person as a whole. Therefore no single symptom is treated, but rather a positive result of the treatment of a dysfunction.

Before starting an osteopathic treatment, a thorough orthodox medical diagnosis may be indicated. In many cases osteopathy complements conventional medicine, but does not replace it.

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Children Osteopathy:

Osteopathy is suitable for all age groups. This also applies to children, of course. It is precisely at this age that internal and external influences have such a decisive effect. In no other phase of development does the organism undergo such major anatomical, physiological and psychological changes.

From the point of view of osteopathy, functional disorders can already arise at birth. These in turn sometimes lead to symptoms or promote certain diseases years later. The osteopath searches for the cause of the functional disorder. He then tries to restore the original movement. If the movements are correct again, the functions can also be restored.

The aim of osteopathic treatment is to support the child in its development in the best possible way and to mobilise the self-healing powers of the small body and also to counteract undesirable developments prophylactically.

In order to treat infants and children, it is important to know exactly the different stages of development of the child and to know the normal sensory, emotional and neurological development of the child and the special child pathology.

Members of the Association of Osteopaths who have undergone appropriate comprehensive training in the field of treating children are marked with the symbol on the osteopath list of the VOD.