Osteopathy online appointment booking

You want to book an osteopathy appointment online? Nothing easier than that, with our online appointment booking. In the form you can enter your contact details and search for free appointments.

Osteopathie Termin online

How do I get an appointment for osteopathy (online)?

No matter if you prefer to book your appointment online or contact us by phone. Because you can get an osteopathy appointment with me in Essen without having to wait long. The online appointment booking system is integrated above (for technical reasons, unfortunately only in German). If there are any problems with the appointment here on the website, you can also follow the link to the provider’s website. Otherwise you can contact me by phone or mail at any time to clarify your questions and appointment requests. If I should not be attainable once, leave me gladly a message on the answering machine. Then I will get back to you.

Information before the first appointment

If you first want to find out more about the practice or wonder how osteopathy can help you, the best way to find out is to visit the linked pages. Plan about one hour for your first appointment. But also following appointments take about as long. In general, a detailed discussion takes place at the first appointment. During this we will discuss the reason for your visit. This also includes symptoms and previous illnesses or medical findings. This is followed by an extensive examination. The posture is considered as well as the different body structures. From the examination, you will then proceed to the treatment. Blockades are released and mobility is restored.

Is osteopathy the right thing for me?

An overview of the possibilities and limitations of osteopathy is provided in the MedicalNewsToday. For regulatory reasons, I am not allowed to list disease patterns on my site. But on the page mentioned you will find a good overview. Furthermore, you can of course contact me by phone for any questions you may have.